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Davis Custom Bowtie Banjo

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NEW !!  Davis Maple Bowtie Custom

  • Maple Neck and Resonator (w concentric rings)
  • Bowtie Inlays (no VintageTone block)
  • One piece Flange
  • Davis Vintage-Tone Tone Ring

The Bowtie style banjos of the 50s and 60s are some of my favorite designs in banjo history.  A bold departure from the intricate inlay style, and structural design from the coveted banjos of the 1930s and 40s, this design was distinctive and eye-catching!  This banjo features a maple neck and resonator instead of the traditional mahogany of the old Gibson 250 banjos.  It also features an unbound headstock more reminiscent of the 150 banjos of that era.  Tim Davis build a killer pro level instrument that will never let you down!



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